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3 pillars of our culture


We believe in mutual investment for mutual benefit, and are big on ensuring that our workplace is a place where the best professionals are placed on a path towards the fulfillment of their career goals.

Team members, management and shareholders all have core aspirations and values, and our relationship is a mutual alliance that needs to help all of us.


Our purpose is to help create an empowered world which provides inclusive prosperity for all.

This requires our team to embrace responsibility over our impact, and we all know that Responsible People Thrive on Freedom, and are Worthy of Freedom. This entails freedom to create, to learn, to lead, to evolve and to influence.

Those who love such freedom feel right at home at Newmark.


We believe that leadership is about service to something bigger than self. Although team leaders have an added responsibility of setting the vision, we believe in everyone’s inherent ability to bring value and knowledge into the team.

We are big on trust, alongside other attributes such as loyalty, integrity, ability, keeping promises and mutual exchange of value.


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